Digital Tools to Combat Employee Attrition

Increasing labor costs, high agent churn. Higher expenses are an obvious drag on our bottom line, but to compound it, the short staffing and high percentage of new / unskilled employees is driving our customer satisfaction down, which results in customer churn and lost revenue.

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Automation and AI: What’s the Difference?

There are different levels of automation, and different types of AI. The costs to set up and maintain each are vastly different, and it’s important to use them strategically so you’re not adding cost or effort where it isn’t needed.

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Moving from the Closet to the Cloud

Outdated on-premise technology stifles growth and agility. Cloud migration sheds maintenance costs, energy consumption, and sluggish interfaces. Choose the right CCaaS platform for scalability and monthly bursting, aligning expenses with needs.

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Harnessing the Power of PowerBI with MotionCX

In the world of business intelligence, accurate and accessible data is crucial for making informed decisions. MotionCX, a powerful platform, understands this need and empowers business analysts with valuable interaction metadata and a secure Reporting API.

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Balancing AI and Live Agents

Discover how contact centers can strike a balance between automation and human talent amid economic challenges and supply chain disruptions. Learn how MotionCX's 'Crawl, Walk, Run!' approach with new technologies optimizes service platforms to enhance customer experiences. Find out more in our article!

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