About MotionCX

Future-ready Contact Center
Solutions from CX Experts

MotionCX was built by experts with decades of contact center experience, which is why our solution is
flexible enough to accommodate different work styles, channels, industries, and customer profiles.

History Rooted in CX

We started in one of the most challenging operating environments there is: managing a high-volume BPO contact center company. After recognizing gaps in our clients’ toolsets, we mapped out a plan to fill them, resulting in the nascent version of MotionCX, which focused on CRM and case management tools. Our platform went through large-scale production testing with several name-brand retailers before incorporating as MotionCX, Inc. in 2020.

Today, we help customers in a wide range of industries unify their customer channels, personalize contact center support, and leverage AI for better, faster results now and in the future.

Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are also leaders in the field of contact center management.

Raymond Bohac

Founder / CEO

Bob Bryan

Board Member

Rick Daley

VP of Delivery

Matt Madzia

Head of Product

Matthew Garrett

Head of Architecture

We Let Customer Preferences Lead the Way

Today’s customers want immediate access to experts who can guide them toward a solution regardless of whether they call,
email, text, or use chat. MotionCX delivers with anywhere, anytime, omnichannel support that reduces friction at every stage of
their journey.

Built to Fit Your Business

MotionCX is fully customizable and configurable and can be integrated with your existing systems and software.

Business Reporting

MotionCX harnesses the power of Microsoft Power BI to generate data visualizations that provide leadership with customer insights and information about agent performance.

Proven Performance

Our low-risk, omnichannel CX platform is proven to optimize customer experience management and processes and drive ROI.

Advanced Security

Security is not an added feature; it’s a guarantee to ensure uptime, high performance, and strict management of sensitive information.

Realize the power of a more intelligent, intuitive, and unified customer experience.

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