Customer Experience Made Simple

MotionCX Platform

MotionCX empowers agents to deliver better, more personalized customer experiences right out of the box. Agents see a consolidated customer profile in a single view and leverage AI guided workflows to meet their needs.

Maximize Agent Efficiency

AI-Powered Self-Service

Reduce your costs and provide personalized service with AI-driven chat bots that assist agents and empower customers to resolve issues faster.

Case Management

Track every customer interaction, prioritize follow-up actions, and gain expert insights to improve CX and keep your business growing.

Omnichannel Routing

Handle voice, chat, email, and more with a powerful, yet easy-to-use visual workflow engine that can make decisions based on each customer’s unique history.

Data-Driven Experiences

Leverage customer data and over 200 app integrations to gain deeper insights. No more asking your customers the same questions over and over.

See it in Motion

Learn how MotionCX can help transform your contact center
into a modern engagement center.

Streamline CX with AI

MotionCX’s AI-powered solutions help reduce agent handling time and expedite customer resolution while learning your customer’s behavior over time.

Virtual Resolution Agents

Enable self service for customers with intelligent dialog trees and multi-step FAQs. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) helps bots understand your customer’s intention even if text or chat messages have errors.

AI Assistance for Agents

Agents can access robust knowledgebases to get the answers they need to resolve issues quickly.

Smart Knowledgebase
Machine learning builds intelligence over time using customer interactions and data to generate a knowledgebase helping agents work more efficiently.

Discover New Channels

Seamlessly enable customer communications across new channels. Agents can send
notifications and confirmations through social apps and SMS and easily
integrate with additional or new channels in the future.

A CX Platform That Grows with You

MotionCX experts take a consultative approach to help you decide which tools to
deploy now and how those tools can evolve to scale with you into the future. No matter
your stage of digital transformation, MotionCX Expert Support helps you go from
crawling to walking to running — and we stay by your side the entire way. Here’s how:


Conduct discovery sessions to uncover your customer experience management needs, business goals, and challenges


Apply industry expertise and implement appropriate tools to streamline complex processes


Create a growth plan to monitor, measure, and maintain a robust CX that will continue to evolve with you

Why MotionCX?

Follows the Customer

MotionCX is built to help you seamlessly engage with customers through the channels and devices they use every day.

Built to Fit You

MotionCX is fully customizable and configurable for agents, and it can be integrated with your existing systems and software.

Proven Performance

Our low-risk, omnichannel platform is proven to optimize customer experience management and processes and drive ROI.

Advanced Security

Security is not an added feature — it’s a guarantee to ensure uptime, high performance, and strict management of sensitive information.

Business Reporting

MotionCX harnesses the power of Microsoft Power BI to generate hundreds of data visualizations that provide leadership with customer insights and information about agent performance.

Realize the power of a more intelligent, intuitive, and unified customer experience.

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