Personalized Healthcare CX with Care and Compliance

Improve the Health of Patient Relationships

Create a patient-centered contact center that puts people before processes. The MotionCX platform is a cloud-enabled, omnichannel solution that uses AI and chatbots to understand what your patient needs, empower healthcare representatives to focus on compassionate communication, and ensure HIPAA compliant security.

Channels Patients Prefer

Whether patients email, text, call, or use chat, your healthcare agents will have one, unified view of their profile and past communications, so they can provide more personalized service that lets patients know you care.

Automate Communications

Send important and timely messages to remind patients of upcoming appointments and care instructions. Provide automatic callback options so patients are never stuck on hold.

Personalize Experiences

Giving agents real-time access to patient profiles directly from your CRM helps them better understand what patients need, so they can provide more personalized support.

Data-driven Improvement

Generate hundreds of data visualizations to provide leadership with patient insights and information about agent performance.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

Ensure peace of mind when you connect patients to healthcare providers through a HIPAA-compliant, omnichannel platform.

Empower Patients and Assist Agents with AI

MotionCX chatbots and virtual agents route patients to the appropriate department and even allow them to self-serve, freeing up your staff for more urgent issues.

Better, Faster, More Integrated Support

Customers love the convenience and speed of connecting via their channel of choice. Agents love having a single view to resolve inquiries efficiently. MotionCX makes it possible for everyone.

AI-powered Routing

AI-powered routing ensures patients are connected to the right person or department from the start

Unified Patient Profiles
Unified patient profiles give agents the background information they need to provide compassionate support, regardless of the channels patients choose
AI and Knowledgebase
AI and knowledgebases help agents resolve patient issues faster

The CX Platform Built for
Patient Support

MotionCX puts patients first by ensuring every communication is supported by
accurate information, HIPAA-compliant security, and personalized solutions.

AI and Automation

Deliver seamless patient experiences with AI bots that get smarter over time, enabling them to handle routine tasks.


Track every patient interaction and provide omnichannel support that takes patient history, behavior, and channel preferences into account.

Omnichannel Routing

Enable patients to quickly connect with agents across the channels they prefer, when it’s most convenient for them.

Realize the power of a more intelligent, intuitive, and unified customer experience.

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