Easily Communicate Across Any Channel

Omnichannel Routing

MotionCX makes cross-channel communication a breeze. Customers connect through their preferred method, while agents get a simple, unified view to address issues faster. What could be easier?

Better, Faster, More Integrated Support

Customers have been interacting with businesses using their voice for decades. Why are voice calls still so difficult to manage and use? Thanks to MotionCX’s complete Omnichannel platform, your voice calls can now be handled using the same cutting-edge capabilities that power chatbots and automated workflows.

Unified Channels
Unify conversations from multiple channels — like voice, email, chat, messaging, social, mobile — all handled by a single agent in a common user interface.
Asynchronous Communication
Start a conversation via one channel and finish it in another — seamlessly moving with the customer every step of the way.
Specialized Routing and Prioritization
Route issues to agents based on knowledge, skill level and customer priority in real-time, without missing a beat or impacting customer service levels.
Data-Informed Decisions
Leverage data from internal systems or third parties (such as shipment tracking) to make informed routing decisions and anticipate customer needs.

You’ve Never Heard Voice Like This

Customers love the convenience and speed of connecting via their channel of choice. Agents love having a single view to resolve inquiries efficiently. MotionCX makes it possible for everyone.
Deliver Voice Anywhere

Using the latest cloud technologies like WebRTC and SIP, agents can take calls from their browser, mobile device, or traditional desk phones. Now agents have the freedom to work from anywhere!

Get Your Customers to the Right Agent, Every Time
Go beyond traditional skills-based routing using the same AI and API enabled routing engine that powers MotionCX chatbots and automated workflows. Use detailed customer data to match the customer with the right agent to deliver the best experience.
Enable Self-Service in Minutes
Using our visual workflow builder, if you can drag-and-drop, you can build your own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application to collect customer information or try to solve their issue, before connecting to an agent.

More Ways to Connect

Seamlessly interact with customers across today’s leading apps. Easily integrate new channels in the future.

See it in Motion

Learn how MotionCX can help transform your contact center into a modern engagement center.

All the Channels, All the Benefits.

Lower Costs

Maximize productivity by enabling agents to engage in multiple interactions at once.

Improve Satisfaction

Implement the go-to channel for customers that has the highest satisfaction ratings.

Boost Response Rates

Reduce hold times for customers with time-sensitive issues.

Inspire Loyalty

Enable direct, more personalized conversations that let your customers know you care.

Increase ROI

Connect with customers where they buy to leverage upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Build Intelligence

Analyze transcripts to understand the voice of your customer and optimize future interactions.

Realize the power of a more intelligent, intuitive, and unified customer experience.

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