Connect the Dots and Personalize Your CX

Did you ever play connect-the-dots when you were young?

You know, the puzzle game where you drew a line from dot-to-dot, following the numbers in order, until a cool picture emerged? Sometimes when I call in for support as a consumer, it feels like the people who set up the systems never played that game.

A Personal Case Study

I called my home security company recently trying to get support for a faulty sensor. My call was answered on the first ring by an auto-attendant, which had the ability to look at my ANI (i.e. my inbound caller ID) and match it to a record that had my home address. Personalized service!

I confirmed the address, ready for the next step and eager to resolve my issue. The connect-the-dots picture of me as a customer was beginning to emerge with a line from dot 1 (my phone number) to dot 2 (my address).

Sadly, that’s where the personalization ended. I don’t think we really made it to dot 3.  An agent greeted me, but gave no indication of who I was, why I was calling, or what had transpired in any past interactions.  To make matters worse, the person I spoke to was not the right person, and they transferred me, and I had to start all over again.

Unintended Consequences

Whatever caused the gaps—be it network latency, configuration errors, poor training, or all of the above—it’s something that can be (and should be) fixed. The customer service landscape is changing dynamically. Asynchronous communication tools and digital messaging (e.g. SMS, MMS, social media), coupled with younger generations maturing into more prominent consumer roles, are giving rise to new patterns in customer behavior and service expectations.  And new, affordable technologies are available to help digitally transform your business so you can meet—and exceed—those expectations.

To make a long story short, after multiple calls, I ended up with no resolution, but I did gain frustration & dissatisfaction, and a competing security service gained a new customer.

MotionCX Helps You Connect The Dots

Experiences like this fuel my enthusiasm for my job. This is the exact type of problem we solve at MotionCX. Our CCaaS suite is built on a routing engine that unifies communications with an efficiency that makes it difficult to NOT connect the dots. By making the right path the easy path, the MotionCX platform enables your team to consistently provide a highly personalized interaction, a more efficient service operation, and a world-class customer experience (CX).

The MotionCX services team will work with you until the puzzle is complete. Even in a multi-phased “crawl / walk / run” approach, we understand that just having technology doesn’t bring value. It’s the application of the technology and the adoption that delivers. We stay engaged through the last dot, either through consultative direction and advice on best practices, or through a managed services engagement.

We are focused on your results.

As we make the many connections—to your order management system, e-commerce shopping cart, customer rewards data, CSAT and NPS results, and other datasets—MotionCX paints the picture of a customer’s profile for the agent. When the interaction starts, the agent (or MotionCX bot) has a better understanding of who the customer is, and why they are contacting you. The streamlined, personalized interaction is quicker, more effective, and more satisfying.

Picture that.

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