Do Your IT Team a Favor

Companies that migrate from on-premise systems & go “from the closet to the cloud” benefit from the ability to shift many tasks related to systems administration to operations leaders: their operations teams can make changes on their own, and in real time. IT teams can take the time that was spent on basic moves, adds & changes and use it toward more strategic initiatives.

The Value of IT Time

Our IT organizations are like the central nervous system for the enterprise: databases, applications, web services, network connectivity, digital and telecommunications all fall under the scope of our IT teams to source, set-up, and maintain. Highly skilled resources in our engineering and programming teams are engaged day-in and day-out to ensure these systems meet the needs of the business. But often times those needs are immediate, and the IT teams are stretched so thin that even simple moves, adds & changes (MAC) are not accommodated with the response times the business needs.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Past

With legacy technologies, the administrative interfaces were complex and required a higher level engineer to navigate them. Many platforms also charged additional licensing fees for access to the admin platform, further reducing the pool of people empowered to make the changes the business needs. Simple things like changing a contact centers hours of operation to allow for later closing due to a marketing event could require days of lead time to submit the request, which is not effective if a same-day adjustment is needed.

Make it Crazy Easy: Point-and-Click, Drag-and-Drop!

Modern CCaaS (contact center as a service) platforms help to turn those tides. MotionCX is on the crest of this wave, offering a web-based administrative console with point-and-click simplicity that shifts many of the moves, adds and changes from the IT organization to the Operations teams, allowing them to administer their systems efficiently and on time.
Even in the cases where the IT team retains control over the administration, the time saved through an easy-to-use interface allows the administrators to spend less time on basic configuration and more time focusing on strategic projects that have a greater impact on the business.

MotionCX Stands Above the Crowd

With MotionCX, the omnichannel integrations are tighter than other CCaaS platforms. It’s a benefit of having a more recent design. This enables a common user interface for voice, email, chat, and messaging (e.g., SMS) administration and greatly reduces the training time and learning curve for the administrators. In turn, the ease of use enables more users to assist with administration, particularly operations leadership.  And while the IT team benefits from the tasks that are moved off their plate, the operations team spends less time going back-and-forth in tickets and can self-service in real-time.

There are many reasons to move from the closet to the cloud and expand the omnichannel solutions for your contact center:

  • Workflow Automation & Generative AI
  • Ease of Use / Ease of Administration
  • Better Support for Remote Workers
  • Business Continuity
  • Licensing Consolidation

And that’s just to name a few. The ultimate benefit is time saved. When you free up time for your key talent and use it for innovation, you’ll move all the needles in the right direction.

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