Is Your CX Ready for a Digital

Future-ready Contact Center CX

Customers are more tech-savvy than ever, and they expect the businesses they frequent to keep up. Traditional centers can’t deliver the intelligent, integrated, omnichannel CX they demand. The MotionCX platform is designed to help companies evolve their customer engagement centers regardless of their stage of digital transformation.

Omnichannel Engagement

Whether customers email, text, call, or use chat, your agents will have one, unified view of their profile and past communications, so they can provide more personalized service that lets customers know they are valued.

Assist with AI

MotionCX chatbots and virtual agents route customers to the appropriate department and even allow them to self-serve, freeing up your staff to provide more personalized services.

Automate Communications

Reduce agent handling time and build efficiencies by automating manual tasks and inbound/outbound communications.

Create Positive Experiences

Give agents real-time access to the tools and data they need to personalize experiences and optimize interactions, every single time.

Empower Agents

Reduce agent turnover and smooth the processes that cause friction by equipping agents with the personalized CX tools they need, all within a single platform.

Data-driven Improvement

Generate hundreds of data visualizations to provide leadership with customer insights and information about agent performance.

Built for the Way Agents Want to Work

The cloud-enabled MotionCX platform gives agents the flexibility to work from anywhere while making sure they have the tools they need to succeed. Our AI-supported customer view gives agents a complete picture of their customers, including contact and purchase histories, empowering them to skip past questions they should already know the answers to so they can deliver a personalized, memorable customer experience.

Seamless Engagement

Seamless engagement with customers within a single view, regardless of the channels they choose

AI and Knowledgebase
AI and knowledgebases provide real-time support to resolve issues faster
Allow agents to connect with customers anywhere, anytime, all the time
Personalized CX
Access to customer data provides the context needed to personalize conversations

Improve Your CX Today and Beyond

MotionCX experts will help you map out a plan that can take you from crawling to walking to running—and
we’ll stay by your side at every stage. Every implementation we suggest includes a growth plan for
monitoring, measuring, and maintaining a robust, next-generation customer experience environment now and in the future.

CX Platform Built for You and Your Customers

AI and Automation

Take agent productivity to new levels by using AI to make agents smarter. Automate common business processes so your agents can focus on the customer.


Improve agent efficiency by providing a unified agent desktop that reduces the need to switch between multiple applications and gives full access to customer history.

Omnichannel Routing

Enable on-the-go customers to quickly connect with the right agents across the channels they prefer, when it’s convenient for them.

Realize the power of a more intelligent, intuitive, and unified customer experience.

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