Chat and Messaging

Chat and Messaging

Open Digital Channels Without Overwhelming Agents

MotionCX Chat and Messaging enables customers to connect through their preferred devices and channels while empowering agents to solve more issues faster.

Better, Faster, More Value-driven Support

Customers love the convenience and speed that chat and messaging provide. Agents love having the tools to resolve inquiries efficiently. MotionCX makes it possible for everyone.


Integrate message-based inquiries into the customer history, making responding simpler.

Chat and Messaging

Speed resolutions by enabling agents to handle multiple conversations at once.

Web and Mobile Apps

Meet customers where they are, even when they’re on the go.

Social Channels

 Impress customers by making issue resolution a seamless part of their digital day.

More Ways to Connect

Seamlessly interact with customers across today’s leading apps.
Easily integrate new channels in the future.


See It in Motion

Learn how MotionCX can help transform your contact center into a modern engagement center.

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Manage Changes in Call Volume with a Hybrid Workforce

Unplanned spikes in volume are a regular occurrence in most contact centers. AI helps offset the pressure with intelligent chatbots and automation that can solve issues independently and know when agent intervention is required. AI gives agents more context around previous inquiries, streamlining resolution, and reducing agent handling time (AHT).

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Chat and Messaging Drive Value Through Speed

Lower Costs

Maximize productivity by enabling agents to engage in multiple interactions at once.

Improve Satisfaction

Implement the go-to channel for customers that has the highest satisfaction ratings.

Boost Response Rates

Reduce hold times for customers with time-sensitive issues.

Inspire Loyalty

Enable direct, more personalized conversations that let your customers know you care.

Increase ROI

Leverage customer insights and preferences to upsell and cross-sell.

Build Intelligence

Analyze chat transcripts to understand the voice of your customer and optimize future interactions.

Set a Faster, Better CX in Motion

Realize the power of a more intelligent, intuitive, and unified customer experience.

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